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You’re welcome …

I remember watching this when it aired many years ago.

It’s musical, comedic, and cinematic genius.

Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon are more than decent musicians. Turn off the video and just enjoy the guitar and harmonies.

Watch the video and have a laugh.

Check out the side-by-side video with the original and see the painstaking attention to detail.

Again, if you haven’t seen this before, you’re welcome …

Some interesting quotes in order …

“Naturally Flavored Citrus Soda with other natural flavors.”


“Never Argue With a Fool, Onlookers May Not Be Able To Tell the Difference.”

“Facebook sucks and I have diet sunkist and sundrop on my desk…”

One of these things is not like the other…

Its been an interesting day. Enforced by the realization that I am a bit of an enigma.

I spent most of the day writing code and answering technical support calls.

I get off work [from home], and head to a worship team meeting at church. Don’t freak out … there were only 10-ish of us, we practiced social distancing protocol, and there was enough hand sanitizer to drown an elephant. I came home and spent an hour on a Zoom conference with a few buddies doing a Bible study.

Earlier in the day, my wife reminds me that we have our monthly free Audible credit and its my turn to select the book! After a lot of searching, I landed on “The Theory of Everything” – by Stephen Hawking – narrated by Michael York. What more could you ask!

Then, I went over and took a quick picture of the top bookshelf in my office:

This is where my most recent books go.

The vertical books on the left are things that I have reverenced in the not-so-distant past. Books on calculus, Tesla, Einstein, and electrical engineering. Further to the left off the screen are a few text books on physics, Java, cryptography, and computer hardware engineering.

The horizontal books are what I am currently reading. The only omission is the CEV Bible that stays on [or near] my desk.

The two books on the bottom would seem [according to the view of the world (and sometimes religion)] diametrically opposed. “On the Shoulders of Giants” is the combined works of Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. The other is the cumulative works of John Wesley, one of Christianity’s most prolific theologians and the founder of the Methodist movement.

By their very definition, the super natural cannot be explained by the natural … and vice versa. As such, I have no problems believing in a super natural creator, and a natural creation. Science and religion need not clash nor coincide, because the are totally separate domains.

I often get caught between worlds that simply refuse to agree. But through it all I am excited to explore a universe whose mysteries we can solve, and follow a Creator who we can only hope to understand.

stuff for sale (for those that asked)

I’m getting rid of a few things, and wanted to give you guys the opportunity to take a look before I eBay ’em.  There may be more to come as well.

Asking prices are negotiable (but folks are asking what I want), so don’t be afraid to make an offer.  I’m not shipping anything so you’d have be pretty close.  MSRP is just a reference point; some of these items are discontinued so MSRP is from original release.

I treat my gear very well, all of this is in like new condition.  But your welcome to test drive any of it.  Let me know if you have questions.

what where mspr how much notes
Danelectro “Cool Cat” link (pdf) $99.00 $35.00 Original DanO chorus pedal; cast metal housing. Runs on 9V batteries or 9V adapter (not included). I could probably do a good deal on the whole set if needed.
Danelectro “FAB Tone” link (pdf) $79.00 $30.00 Original DanO distortion pedal; cast metal housing. Runs on 9V batteries or 9V adapter (not included). I could probably do a good deal on the whole set if needed.
Danelectro “Dan-Echo” link (pdf) $129.00 $45.00 Original DanO tape echo (simulated) pedal; cast metal housing. Runs on 9V batteries (x2) or 18V adapter (not included). I could probably do a good deal on the whole set if needed.
Danelectro “Daddy O” link (pdf) $79.00 $30.00 Original DanO overdrive pedal; cast metal housing. Runs on 9V batteries or 9V adapter (not included). I could probably do a good deal on the whole set if needed.
Johnson J-Station link $450.00 $75.00 The J-Station was the only competetion for the original Line6 POD. I bought it for studio/recording to when I didn’t want to carry around the JM150 below.
Behringer FCB1010 link $285.99 $60.00 MIDI foot controller I used with the J-Station and JM150.
Johnson Millennium JM150 link $1,600.00 $500.00 One of the first (if not the first) digital modeling amps; it’s very loud and very heavy :). I may throw in the FCB1010 foot controller if the price is right.
Epiphone G-400 Custom (Black) link $832.00 $275.00 It’s an Epi SG series; this is the ebony model, and it’s a bit hard to find. Includes hardshell case.
Shure SM58 link $124.00 $45.00 It’s an SM58… I don’t think anything else needs to be said.
Yamaha DGX-500 link $1,099.95 $275.00 88 (semi-weighted) key portable grand.
Behringer Mixer   ??? $40.00 12 channel audio mixer, everything works except the effects processor. I don’t have the exact model #, I’ll look it up when I get home.
Behringer B-1 Condenser Mic link $197.99 $40.00 With case and accessories.
Behringer Limiter/Expander/Compressor   ??? $30.00 1U rack mount. I don’t have the exact model #, I’ll look it up when I get home.
Carvin Stereo XP2 (Vocal) DSP link (pdf) ??? $30.00 1U rack mount, digital effects processor.

Android Location class with U.S. customary units (instead of metric)

I’m a big proponent of going metric; I’ve never fully understood why we don’t just do it.  Then again, I’d also like the entire world to be on UTC time.  But since we insist on using our own bass-ackward units of measure, I needed an Android Location class that returned U.S. customary units instead of metric.

So, here goes…

import android.location.Location;

public class CLocation extends Location
  private boolean bUseMetricUnits = false;

  public CLocation(Location location)
    this(location, true);

  public CLocation(Location location, boolean bUseMetricUnits)
    this.bUseMetricUnits = bUseMetricUnits;

  public boolean getUseMetricUnits()
    return this.bUseMetricUnits;

  public void setUseMetricUnits(boolean bUseMetricUnits)
    this.bUseMetricUnits = bUseMetricUnits;

  public float distanceTo(Location dest)
    float nDistance = super.distanceTo(dest);

    if (!this.getUseMetricUnits())
      // Convert meters to feet
      nDistance = nDistance * 3.28083989501312f;

    return nDistance;

  public float getAccuracy()
    float nAccuracy = super.getAccuracy();

    if (!this.getUseMetricUnits())
      // Convert meters to feet
      nAccuracy = nAccuracy * 3.28083989501312f;

    return nAccuracy;

  public double getAltitude()
    double nAltitude = super.getAltitude();

    if (!this.getUseMetricUnits())
      // Convert meters to feet
      nAltitude = nAltitude * 3.28083989501312d;

    return nAltitude;

  public float getSpeed()
    float nSpeed = super.getSpeed();

    if (!this.getUseMetricUnits())
      // Convert meters/second to miles/hour
      nSpeed = nSpeed * 2.2369362920544f;

    return nSpeed;

This class really isn’t anything special, it just allows you to toggle which units you would like to use:

  • U.S. Customary Units:  feet and miles/hour
  • Metric:  meters and meters/second

Please, take it and make it better :)

“What’s an internet?”

This little video is getting a bit of attention today:

I saw it first @ CNN’s site:

It’s the 1994 cast of the today show wondering WTH “an internet” is.  It is pretty sad when you watch it in today’s context; but really, is it that embarrassing?

I’d be willing to bet that most you you didn’t know what the internet was in 1994 … some of you weren’t even born in 1994.

In fact, I’m certain that we didn’t have internet access in my house when I was 13/14.  I’m not even sure I knew what the internet was back then.

Nerds are created, not born.

One is not simply born a nerd; one must be made a nerd.

You cannot label someone a nerd because they do nerdy things; it’s an oversimplified assumption.

I do not do nerdy things because I am a nerd; rather, the nerdy things I do have warped my mind … making me a nerd.

my mad design skills

I have two MAJOR pet peeves:

  • designers who think they’re developers, and
  • developers who think they’re designers

I understand that there are exceptions to the rule, but most people simply can’t wear both hats.

As you can tell, my color palette is immense and my stylish use of typeface is second to none.

Obviously, you can tell which category I fit into …

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