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Fedora 11 LiveCD Hangs on boot

Earlier today, I was attempting install Fedora 11 on a VMware virtual machine, but the boot process would hang with a black screen and a solid white curser at the top:

Fedora 11 LiveCD Hangs on Boot

After much whaling and gnashing of teeth, and a new download of the ISO because I thought it could be corrupted, I stumbled upon a quick fix.  Add the line “noapic acpi=off” to the boot options like this:

Fedora 11 LiveCD boot options

And voila, your LiveCD boots!

Fedora 11 LiveCD boots!

I recall having this issue on an old Dell notebook with a previous version of Fedora, but I couldn’t remember the options I used to get it to work.  Thanks to “dohnut” over here.

my mad design skills

I have two MAJOR pet peeves:

  • designers who think they’re developers, and
  • developers who think they’re designers

I understand that there are exceptions to the rule, but most people simply can’t wear both hats.

As you can tell, my color palette is immense and my stylish use of typeface is second to none.

Obviously, you can tell which category I fit into …

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