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wordpress theme updates

Try as I may to switch to another CMS, I keep falling back to WordPress. My last attempt was Drupal, which I quickly grew tired of. WordPress doesn’t do everything I would like it to do, but the things it does are amazing.

I’ve been working a bit on my theme to add some extra functionality. Here’s what we’ve gotten so far:

  • Three column format: My sidebar were getting a bit too long, so I split it in two.
  • Variable width layout: Because there are three columns, I needed a bit of extra horizontal space. I was getting tired of the fixed width/centered layout, so I implemented the variable width middle column to hold the main content.
  • HTML5: I’m using quite a few HTML5 specific tags in my theme, but everything should also be ok in older browsers too. It was a bit of a beast getting rid of the XHTML-ness that WordPress puts in automatically, but I’m getting there.
  • CSS 3: Some CSS 3 eye candy here and there (rounded corners, gradients, etc).

Now that the most current version of each of the major browsers support HTML5 and CSS 3, I’m going to be relying on them pretty heavily here.

And for those who refuse to upgrade … well, sorry :)

Comments? Smart remarks?