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Fedora 11 LiveCD Hangs on boot

Earlier today, I was attempting install Fedora 11 on a VMware virtual machine, but the boot process would hang with a black screen and a solid white curser at the top:

Fedora 11 LiveCD Hangs on Boot

After much whaling and gnashing of teeth, and a new download of the ISO because I thought it could be corrupted, I stumbled upon a quick fix. ¬†Add the line “noapic acpi=off” to the boot options like this:

Fedora 11 LiveCD boot options

And voila, your LiveCD boots!

Fedora 11 LiveCD boots!

I recall having this issue on an old Dell notebook with a previous version of Fedora, but I couldn’t remember the options I used to get it to work. ¬†Thanks to “dohnut” over here.