Android Market Web Fail [updated]

The new Android Market web site looks to be impressive.

The “invalid request” error I get when I (and everyone else in the world) attempt to log in is not impressive.  Sigh…

I’ll try again later…  Good job Google.


Good job Google.

After the initial issues with logging in, I noticed a few small hiccups:

  • The apps I already had were not recognized as “INSTALLED”.  Each app in the market will tell you whether or not it is installed or can be installed.
  • When installing, I would get an error message telling me to try again later.  Then (even with the error), the app would begin installing on my phone.

But … with a bit of time (I’m guessing to sync somehow with my device).  All of my apps were detected, and I am not getting error messages any more.

I’m diggin’ the new market web site right now … I think mainly because I HATE using the market app on the phone.

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