gear for sale update…

I listed some stuff I’m selling here.  I’ve got to move it pretty quickly, so it looks like I’m going to let it go to a third party reseller.  As such, I’ve had to drop how much I’m asking.

Anyway, just listing one last time here before it all goes away.

  • Behringer JM150 amp w/J3 footswitch:  $200
  • 1999 Epiphone G-400 Custom (triple humbuckers, hardshell case): $175
  • 1997 Series Danelectro Pedals (DC-1, DD-1, DE-1, and D0-1): $15 each
  • Shure SM58:  $30
  • Behringer B-1 Condenser Mic (with case, shockmount, and windscreen): $30
  • Johnson J-Station amp modeler:  $45
  • Yahama DGX-500 88-key keyboard w/Stand:  $100
  • Carvin XP2 Vocal DSP (1u rack):  $30
  • Behringer 12 channel mixer:  $35
  • Behringer Autocom Compressor:  $30
  • Behringer FCB1010 MIDI foot controller:  $45

If you’re so inclined, you can have it all for $700.


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