The human brain’s ability to recall things from memory (without you even knowing) is remarkable.

I just walked out to my car to get something I left there earlier, and on my way back into the office I typed in the code to the cipher lock on the door and went on my way.  I didn’t think about or try to remember a combination; I just typed it in and opened the door.

As I walked back down the hall, I started to think about all the numbers I have memorized:  phones, ATMs, lock combinations, online passwords, smart card pins, security codes at work/home, etc.  I attempted to make a mental list and put all the codes/passwords to the right application, but it just started to get confusing.

It’s really a miracle that I can walk up to an ATM or go to a web site and enter the proper credentials without conscience effort.  I can dial my wife’s phone number without a second thought, but if you asked me to tell you her number I’m probably stumble through it.

We are amazing machines.

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