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It’s a little post about different modern telescopes and how far away observable objects are.  It mentions the James Web Telescope that will allow us to see objects 13.5 billion light years away; that’s scary close to the time of the big bang.

So, the question was posed:

“I wonder if we will ever be able to get to the point of watching the Big Bang itself.”

It got me wondering if such a thing would even be possible?  If our entire universe was once condensed into an infinitely small space and then instantaneously began to expand, I’m not sure there would be an observable flash point.  I’m thinking that any such phenomenon would be on the leading edge of the expansion.  Seeing as we would have been part of the bang, and not on the outside of it, it would not be observable?  I don’t know.

Or perhaps we would see the back side of the opposite leading edge as it existed 13.7 billion years ago.  I makes my head hurt a bit, but it’s interesting to ponder.

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